I came to writing about ghosts via a roundabout route. I studied religion and theology at university, in undergraduate and graduate studies. Then I started working in broadcast journalism for the CBC, first in radio, then in television. I became a producer/director in documentary TV but found I liked writing for television most of all.

The idea for a ghost story haunted me for years, but it was only four years ago that I began writing it down. APPARITION was published in Canada in September 2013.  It’s about a teenage girl named Amelia who has a secret. Sometimes, she sees ghosts. Now, her life is about to get much more complicated. It’s a supernatural thriller/romance for young adults of all ages!  Its sequel, ABSOLUTION, is coming out in Fall of 2014. They’re published by Doubleday Canada, a division of Random House.

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  1. This book is an amazing read, anyone who likes crime stories and paranormal activity should read this book. I am a high school student that doesn’t read often, but when I pick up a good book (like this one) its hard to put it down.

  2. Gail, is it necessary to have an agent submit a manuscript on your behalf or will Doubleday accept unsolicited manuscripts from authors?

    • Dear Beverley,thanks for all your feedback today!! I’m no expert on the publishing industry, but I’ve always been told that a writer doesn’t necessarily need an agent but can submit a manuscript directly. But in practice, the larger the pubisher, the harder it is to get them to look at it. And it’s really hard finding an agent too. I got my agent by a fluke. I sent her five pages from my manuscript in an email, and she phoned me a few months later, not because of what I sent her but because she recognized my name from an essay I had written in a magazine about 5 years before. She phoned to ask if I’d thought of turning the essay into a book. Only after talking to her for half an hour did she agree to read my ghost story. One thing she’s always said is that publishing is a lottery. Not so much a meritocracy!! Sometimes good writers don’t get published or do and then don’t sell, and sometimes not-so-good writers get published and sell like crazy!! But I guess the only advice one can take from that is “you can’t win if you don’t play.” 🙂 Best wishes!!

  3. Dear Gail Gallant,

    I am IN LOVE with your books Apparition and Absolution. Also, I have a secret crush on Kip. 🙂
    I was just wondering if there was a movie based on YOUR books. I know there is a movie called “apparition” but I don’t think it is based on YOUR books. If not, I really think someone should make a movie based on YOUR books. The movie would be soooo epic! I really wish and hope a movie will be made about your story. Please reply. Thanks!

    -Emily. M

    • Hi Emily! I already answered your wonderful note on my Facebook Page – and I shared your note on my page too because it was SO nice to receive. But then it occurred to me that you might not be comfortable with that. If you’d like me to unshare it just let me know!!!! I realize it was a personal message so not necessarily meant to be shared!! Very best wishes and thank you again.

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